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Focus.On reminds your goal every day so you never forget you goal.

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Keep track of number of days you have worked for achieving your goal.

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How many times have you set goals and forgot to complete? Focus.On reminds your goal statement every day. It’s easier to achieve your goal when it is impressed in your subconscious mind and Focus.On is designed to do so.

Focus.On has help hundreds of people to achieve their goal in relatively shorter time span. Every day before going to sleep you will get a notification and you have to answer whether you have done any progress today to achieve your goal. If answer is no or if you didn’t answer, that day will be counted as waste day.

Focus.On keep track of number of days until you achieve your goal. And shows you detailed number of days you worked and number of days you wasted while achieving your goal.

Download Focus.On and be more productive.