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Anvigo is an online platform where for connecting offline local shops to the consumers. As a user of Anvigo Consumer app you can search for grocery stores, check offers from local shops in your area. You can place order to your favorite grocery store in your area.

Anvigo Consumer is a location based app, to show gocery stores & offers near you location is required.

After registration & email verification, Anvigo app shows you stores & offers near you. You can order your monthly groceries from you favorite grocery store near you. Once the order is placed it will be confirmed by store. Store owner will set price of the items you have entered in grocery list. Once the order is confirmed by store you will receive a notification. You have to check price list and confirm the order. Then your order will be packed & delivered/self picked.

Anvigo is available in only few areas. Check the “Available Locations” section.

Store owner can cancel your orders for one of the following user: 1) If they find consumer cannot be verified. 2) Stock not available. 3) Home delivery at your address is not possible. 4) Grocery list you have sent is not understandable. 5) Less number of items is grocery list.

That means your order is not been accepted by store owner yet. If your order is this state for more 24 hours please write us a mail with your order details on:

That means your order is not packed yet. If your order is in this state for more than 24 hours write us a mail with your order details:

That means your order is packed and will be delivered to you soon. If you have chosen self pickup method you have to go to the store to pick your order.

Order is processed as follows: 1) Select store, create grocery list, select delivery method & place order.
2) Order will be confirmed by store.
3) You have to check pricing set by store & confirm order.
4) Order will be packed.
5) Order will be delivered/self picked.

Once you place the order it will be reviewed by store. Store owner will set pricing for the available item(s). You have to check this pricing. And to proceed you have confirm that you accept the pricing of the available item(s).

If some of the item(s) in the grocery list are not in stock then grocery store can set that item(s) as not available. You can “Confirm Order” if you want your order to be delivered/self picked without those unavailable item(s).

It depends on the store you have selected.

Write us email with offer details:

Click on the top most part in the app (brown colored) and select change location. Note: It my take few seconds to change you location. 

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